Saturday, January 3, 2015

happy new year!

Wow! It has been almost a year since I wrote. So much has happened. We (unexpectedly) moved back to Lakeview, I started a new school year with one of my best group of kids yet, my little sister got married, Christmas has come and gone, and it's 2015! The best is yet to come for my little family, I can feel it. I spent most of yesterday filling out my new simplified planner (obsessed) and making a list of intentions/goals for the new year. For some reason I feel like that sounds better than resolutions. I am excited to see what this year brings!

I have been off since December 19 and it has been a wonderful time spent with family, friends, late nights, and too much food. My heart and belly have been full for days! School starts back Monday and I am actually excited to hug my littles. But for now, it is currently a rainy Saturday in New Orleans. Jeremy and I may head to Barnes & Noble later.  And we are planning to cook dinner tonight together. We started watching Breaking Bad last night so I am sure we will continue the binge tonight.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and that this New Year brings blessings and health! xoxo

Thursday, February 20, 2014

yolo // yeaux leaux

In New Orleans we say "yeaux leaux"! These go cups designed by Lionheart Prints are my favorite thing ever. I could not get enough of them last weekend. They are perfect for wine/champs while sitting outside (or inside) and a great accessory for any bar. While I did not make it to any parades last weekend they are THE go cup to have this Mardi Gras season! There is even a tumbler...which I also need! And I think y'all need it too! 

Happy Thursday! xo. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

wednesday words // iris apfel

image via

image via

I love this fun (and quite true) quote and I love the ever so fashionable Iris! I only hope to be as chic as she when I am 92...and my eyeglasses better be as perfect as hers are too ;) 

Happy Wednesday, friends. xo 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

tuesday talk // weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends that I did not want to end. Valentines Day was so perfectly low key for us this year. We stayed in, ordered sushi (our favorite), ate said sushi on our china, baked a cake, and watched a movie. Jeremy had to wake up early for work on Saturday morning so our low key night really worked. And! I was surprised with hydrangeas and an assortment of my favorite macarons (pecan, chocolate, and salted caramel) from Sucre. Hubs did good ;)
Saturday I went shopping with my mom and sister (in my favorite fur vest) and cooked a nice dinner for Jeremy and I (spinach and feta stuffed salmon, gouda polenta, and asparagus) was delicious!
Sunday's weather was gorgeous so we took full advantage by walking around uptown with iced coffee and stopping at Dat Dog for some white trash fries ( And, when we got home we sat on the back porch with Jack to enjoy the weather some more until we had to head over to my parents house for Sunday dinner.
It was just such a good weekend. I want to repeat it again and again!

Happy Tuesday. xo.

Friday, February 14, 2014

friday five // valentines edition

 - The perfect wedding picture for the day of love! Don't you agree? -

- My mom made Jeremy and I a bag of her homemade peanut butter cookies and this batch was complete with Valentines peanut m&m's....SO good! -

- This Fleur de Light King Cake  scented candle (via Little Miss Muffin) is everything right now! We can't get enough. -

- Baking these funfetti cupcakes for my little preschool class...complete with owl and heart toppers. -

- A roundup of my favorite Valentines via Lionheart Prints and Scriptura. - 

Happy Love Day, y'all! I love love so naturally I love this day. Even when I was a single lady Valentines Day was still a favorite of mine. What's not to love about eating chocolate? Not much in my book (#thankgodforpurebarre). But now! Now, I have a forever Valentine and I love him so! Ok, don't wanna get all mushy on y'all. Anyway, tonight we are staying in, dressing up, eating a nice dinner on our china, popping some bubbly, and hopefully watching a few romantic girly movies! Oh, and I am baking a chocolate cake. Can't forget that important part. What are y'all up to? Whatever it may be and whether you spend it with your man, a group of girlfriends, or your family don't forget to tell someone you love them! And don't forget about how much He loves you...because it is SO much! So spread some love today, y'all! 

Happy Friday and weekend! xoxo. 

p.s. The Everygirl has a great article offering two simple beauty looks for Valentines Day. I will definitely be referring to these for our at home date tonight! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

go go

image via 

image via

image via

It has been SO cold in New Orleans lately, y'all. I am talking temps we are not used to down here. Due to the freezing conditions Spring has been on my brain (as I am sure it has been on yours, too) causing me to get the itch to start spring shopping. Leading me to gush about the dresses above! 

I have sung Camilyn Beth's praises on this blog many, here, and here to name a few. I truly love her girly designs...hello ruffles and and sequins and scallop hems. And she is such a sweetheart, too! Her frocks are perfect for fancy nights out, weddings, or even during the day with a pair of flats! I own three of Camilyn's beautiful designs: The Go Go (pictured above), The Josephine, and The Gabrielle. I purchased all of these from my favorite local boutique Hattie Sparks...which is the only boutique in New Orleans to carry Camilyn Beth. husband is the best man in his best friends wedding in Dallas this April and I think I need another Go Go dress for the occasion! The Go Go dress I own now is white...I wore it in my engagement photos, to my bridal shower and I am planning on getting plenty wear out of it this spring and summer. I absolutely LOVE it. The high neck, the ruffles, the beautiful fabric. I could go on and on. Obviously I can not wear white to a wedding, so right now I am leaning towards the emerald. It is so rich and beautiful! Emerald is also the color my sister chose for her besides the upcoming Texas wedding I think it may be the perfect dress for all of my sister's wedding parties I have coming up, too! But really it is just the best dress I could choose as one of my first Spring purchases. And when I do purchase my second Go Go dress I will of course head straight to Hattie Sparks :) 

Happy Thursday, y'all! xo. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

wednesday words // belong

There is really not much I can say about this scripture. The words above basically say it ALL. This scripture is just so good and I think it is such a good reminder for We all have our moments when we feel unloved, unimportant, and insecure (hand raised HIGH over here)...we just do. We are human and we are not perfect. But!! He has us. We belong to Him. He loves us SO much and when he looks at us He sees his beautiful creation. His love for us is so amazing. So, today if you are battling with any insecurities or anxieties or just anything difficult just remember who you belong to. Remember how loved you are by Him and in turn you will feel at peace with all of those icky feelings. I know I will definitely be repeating this verse in my head all day today :)

Hope y'all have a happy Wednesday! We are halfway to Friday....which is Valentines Day, of very favorite day!! xo.